Optimized induction transfer technology in hearing aids

OData support
Dr. Vicsi Klára
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Hearing has an essential part in everyday communication. The main objective is to design and develop modern hearing aids which can provide sufficient acoustic amplification for people with hearing loss in order to transform sounds to the remaining hearing range.

In my thesis my aim was to specify optimal parameters for induction transfer in hearing aids. The telephone coil and the microphone have different designs, therefore their sensitivity is different. This is the main reason why microphone amplification parameters can’t be used in the configuration of telephone coil parameters. There are different calibration programs to overcome this problem, but they don’t offer a complete solution to this amplification problem.

During my research I created suitable measuring layouts. I analysed the influence of several telephone coil physical parameters on the induction transfer and the sounding. I analysed the calibration method on a given hearing aid just as comparing it to a reference hearing aid. I created a suitable measuring method in order to optimize any given hearing aid. I determined the main parameters with which the best possible listening can be achieved.

During my research I carried out to optimize these parameters. The compliace of these parameteres was verified by measuring hearing aids made and developed by Victofon Ltd.


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