Optometrical remote diagnostic system development

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The most dynamically growing cause for blindness today in Hungary and the world is a disease called diabetic retinopathy. However, it can be diagnosed with a simple and quick examination, there is not enough specialists to perform these examinations in the country.

In my thesis, my goal is to detail the design and implementation process of a software system that could solve these challenges. The software system offers a way to set up a diagnosis in an easy and fast manner so the examination times could be reduced. The treatise will describe the whole engineering process of building such a system from the analysis of requirements to deploying the individual components of the system.

The main part of the paper starts with an introduction to the system’s characteristics followed by a detailed overview of the requirement analysis and architectural design planning phases. The thesis puts emphasis on the agile development methodologies and how they were applied during the project. The description of the planning phase is followed by a brief technical overview of the technologies utilized in the project.

The next main part of my essay is about the development of three main components of the software system. The development process is discussed in great details and illustrated with code snippets. At the end of the thesis there is a summary of the work done and a brief overview of how the system could be further enhanced in the future.


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