Autamated documentation of developements in Oracle Siebel CRM with BI Publisher Reports

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

In my thesis I examined and worked with the Oracle Siebel CRM and the Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher systems. My task was to create a software designed for developers, wich can ease the documentation process of modifications made in the system. The solution lets the user create custom collections of Siebel objects, then generate a report which includes the most relevant properties of these objects.

In my research became acquainted with the Siebel and BI Publisher systems, charted their architecture and functionality. After the assessment of needs, I built a plan for the necessary steps of execution and determined the working environment. In the first phase of realization I designed a custom structure in the Sieben system to store the objects, and created a view to visualize the collection. The business logic responsible for the retrieval and visualization of data, was implemented in Siebel Tools with eScript methods. Using the default data transmission technique of the CRM system and the BI Publisher I generated an XML file representing the collection’s hierarchy. Based on the contents of this file I made a template for the document with the BI Publisher Template Builder intergrated in Microsoft Word. As the result the work, I received a Siebel application integrated service capable of making collections and generating reports.

This paper demonstrates the utilized technologies and documents the realization of the project from the planning stage, through the implementation to the testing phase.


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