Development of star-tracker software for determination of attitude

OData support
Dr. Srp Ágoston Mihály
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The object of the thesis was to draw up a program that would be capable of recognising constellations from pictures taken from space. After the short introduction and some literary research at the start of my thesis, I started working on my plans of developing a software that may form the basis of a constellation tracking system. The writing up of the plan was followed by research on the mathematical background where I touched upon the basics of astronomy and some defintions which I used during the assignment. After the theoretical plans I put the whole thing into practice by choosing a software developing environment, the language and the planned data sturcture. I used a seperate programme for buildning up the data structure. The main part of the tracking system followed after this. With the help of a flowchart the main components of the tracking system, and their behaviour, were ascertained along with the data analysing algorythim’s basic functioning. To finish off the program we can read the case study which throws light on the main components of the program including the ascertaining of the orientation of the principal axes. In conclusion, I detailed the main problems that arose during the process and I have outlined a few idea as to the further improvement and development of the software.


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