Medical Appointment Booking System for Web and iOS

OData support
Dr. Kelényi Imre
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The thesis is a presentation of a system that has been developed for family doctor’s offices to promote the communication with the patients and support the users’ health. The central element of this system is a web application, which can open the door for the users to reserve appointments online or to inquire about the consulting times and accessibilities. It is also helpful for those patients who want to read some information about frequent diseases or the tasks before visiting the doctor. The administration page is an important element of the web application. On this page, the doctor or his assistant can handle the appointments and edit the content of the other pages of the application. Besides the above points, the patients can get several notifications about their medical duties from the server side. The users receive these messages on their smartphones that run a special mobile application, which can also be used for booking appointments.

The thesis explicitly covers all the requirements of the system, including the specific functions of the web and the mobile application.

To implement the system it was necessary to learn about certain technologies first. The most important ones are the Java Enterprise Edition platform, the iOS operating system and the RESTful web services. The presentation of these technologies can also be found in the documentation.

The thesis presents all the steps of the development. The structure of the web and the mobile applications and the implementation of the functions are also integral parts of the dissertation.

In the documentation several illustrations and screenshots can be found to give the most accurate presentation of the applications. In addition there are also some information about design difficulties and opportunities for further development.


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