Model based development of maintenance software for medical instruments

OData support
Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The kidney is the organ of selection which helps the human body to get rid of the waste products contained in the blood. During dialysis, we are trying to reproduce this functionality with machines. Unfortunately there is a great need for that because more and more people suffers from renal failure, partially caused by the frequent appearance of the diabetes.

The dialysis machines are safety critical systems because a single malfunction can be lethal to the patient. That is why we have to handle the maintenance as a priority beside the reliable operation. This task’s realization is supported by a so-called self-test which checks the proper behavior module by module. My objective is to implement a self-test functionality for one of these modules, namely for the blood side pressure so that it fits the existing maintenance software architecture.

The Bsc thesis starts with a short physiological introductory, where I present the behavior of the kidney, the renal failure and its consequences. Then I describe general structure of the dialysis machine and that of the control software. After that, I introduce my self-test module into the system and explain its functionality in details. In the end of my thesis, I summarize my work and I also point out briefly the further development opportunities.


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