The role of medical thermography for tobacco-related peripheral circulatory disorders statement.

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Dr. Vicsi Klára
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The medical thermography is getting more popular in our country, it can help to diagnose several disease. In the current procedure we made native images from the patient uprightly, and the evaluation of these images ends the procedure. It is so important the development of the procedures and measurement techniques which can raise the spectrum of the diagnostics.

My thesis work is a research, under which I cool down the patient's hand and then I observe the recovery temperature. I divided the examined persons into 4 groups: non-smoking, easy smoking, midle smoking, hard smoking.

The smoking causes disfunction of endothel cells even on short distance, even on short distance, thereby it worsen the microcirculation, which delays the termoregulation. I based my measurements, my hypotheses on this phenomenon. I presumed that, due to the somking, hand which have incorrect microcirculation, produces slower, more inhomogeneous warming up, according to the level of smoking. I use two smaple t-probe for the elimination of the accidental differences between the measured results.

In the beginning of my work, I present the thermography's physical background, and the operation principle and types of IR camera. Then the thermoregulation and the connected anatomical-physiological processes, the effects of the smoking which worsen these functions. Following this the medical one termográfiás examinations, hypothesis the mathematics of examinations, I announce my own results then, I value these.


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