Software re-implementation of a biomedical device with model based approach

OData support
Dr. Ender Ferenc
Department of Electron Devices

Nowadays, more and more people need dialysis treatment because of acute and chronic renal failure. In order to serve ever increasing needs the industry need to develop such a dialysis machine that can monitor the quality of the patiens' blood and - in case of emergency situation - can give audio and visual signals while working reliably. From the patients and doctors side there is a constant need for developing new methods and machines. This need for betterment urges the manufacturers to shorten development time and save money, in order to stay one step ahead of other competitors. In recent years they use more and more model based development techniques instead of procedural programming on larger scale what can offer a real alternative to change the architecture based on C language. In my thesis I present the advantages and disadvantages of model based development by reimplementing a software component. I will compare it to classic procedural programming and investigate which development environments support them.


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