Analyzing Entanglement Distribution in Quantum Networks

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Dr. Bacsárdi László
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The purpose of my thesis is to describe the concept of the quantum repeater, further demonstrating its operation process and the associated challenges with a simulation.

With the growing number of quantum devices and protocolls, comes the need for better and better quantum communication systems. For such systems today, the distance between the endpoints still poses a huge limiting factor. One possible solution for this can be the use of quantum repeaters.

Considering the novelty of the investigated area, I start my thesis with a brief historical overview , followed by a short introduction to the theoretical basics. I continue with describing the concept of entanglement swapping and exploring the possibility of a quantum repeater. After that i examine some of the most recent experimental realizations of the protocoll. Later I present the outline of my simulation. The thesis finishes with revisiting the challenges and problems related to the protocoll by reviewing the simulation results of a generalized model of the quantum repeater.


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