Realization of coordinated motion control using Rockwell devices

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Concerning the operation of an automated production line, It is essential to precisely control the motion of different machines and equipment. Adjacent units usually have to be in perfect sync, since even a difference as small as a couple millimeters could result in a rejected final product. This accuracy is also to be expected in machines operating faster than the human eye. In addition, some machines require custom motion profiles, or the precise control of jerks and torques.

In my thesis I give an overview of the basic architecture of a general motion control system. I present some state-of-the-art motion control products from Rockwell Automation, then explore the motion control capabilities of the connected RSLogix 5000 development environment, and the its possible applications.

In a case study I inspect the motion control system of a working production line used by one of Hungary’s leading hygienic product manufacturer.

I plan the expansion of the system with a new conveyor belt by designing the control logic so it fits into the existing system. Finally I verify my work by simulating the operation of the new conveyor.


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