Development of Complex Application for Android Mobile

OData support
Ercsényi András
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays the smartphones play a dominant role in everyday life. Not only the business people, but also the most ordinary people’s pocket lurk their own devices, which are used many other purposes beyond the call. So it is no wonder that the idea arose at the nTicket to develop a system that can be used to purchase tickets with help of smartphones to certain public transport.

The nTicket aimed the development of a performance-based system, it follows from this that in the public transport vehicle has to "handle" the ticket by getting on and getting off. The “check-in” will happen with NFC-tag, namely, that the passenger closes the mobile phone to the tag, in the course of this will happen the signalling of the getting on and -off. If any problems are producted in the function of the NFC-tag (in the course of the problems the passenger can’t signal the intention of getting on and -off) then it will need an error-reporting module, which is able to indicate the place, the time and the cause of the error to the center and it is able to identify the passenger. My thesis consist of the development of the error reporting module.

The reporting module had to comply with a predefined requirement, which was specified by the nTicket. The requirement included beyond the proper functioning of the application, to create a clean, easy-used, user-friendly interface. The reporting module is able to send the error reports online (via the Internet) and the form of SMS to the center, where these are stored in a database. The passenger will be informed from the result of the sending that it will be successful or not.

The application was implemented in Android platform (according to requirements) which is a good choice in my opinion for the nTicket, because this is still the most widely-used and one of the fastest growing platform in the market of smart phones.


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