Detection and analysis of changes in composite IBM WebSphere applications

OData support
Gönczy László
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

This document describes the purpose, planning, implementation and

usage of a self-designed application system. The system is meant to

aid the work of system administrators, by helping them keep track

of application server configuration changes. These configuration

snapshots with timestamp are generated upon demand, then stored in

the system. The application uses a self-designed generic, XML based meta-model

and its individual platform mapping, for platform independent

data handling. It implements model-based admin script generation

for extracting configuration data from IBM WebSphere Application

Server based environments. It provides web-based thin-client graphical user interface

for managing environments, storing, and comparing their

configuration states. Not only is it a stand-alone tool for the

listed features, but it is meant to be a part of a to-be product

of the company Etalon Informatika Kft, called EIC (Etalon

Integration Cockpit). EIC is an integrated solution to help the

cooperation of enterprise integration system architects,

developers, testers and administrators by providing common data

model and user interface for collaboration. EIC itself is a Java

EE based application system and is under continuous development. It

is customized for each customer upon delivery and can be

integrated with support systems (e.g.: service registry and

repository). Model based configuration discovery part of the

thesis application will provide the "Deployment Discovery Domain"

of the EIC application system. The delivered product of the project is a complete stand-alone solution, which relies on the designed meta-model, has a model with the applications and the most useful and common resource elements of the Java EE platform. It provides discovery script generation for the IBM WebSphere Application Server platform and a user interface for managing environments and their states. It can generate basic change data for time-based deltas between states, and support the analysis of the environment states and the changes between them. The solution has been tested at a multinational insurance company, with some of their IBM WebSphere Process Server test environments. The schema, model, script generation and discovery logic is already introduced in the EIC development procedure.


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