Detecting complex events on Android platform

OData support
Dr. Szatmári Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

With the rapidly spreading intelligent devices, new challenges have emerged in information technology. There is a need for systems that are utilizing the capabilities of these devices by performing monitoring tasks and if necessary making independent, autonomous decisions and intervening the processes.

These devices must therefore be organized in a single, well defined monitoring system with standard interfaces. If we manage to create such system, it can be used in several fields with a little customization. For example it may be deployed in homes where the household appliances, entertaining systems and other equipment have built in operation systems, thereby creating a “smart” home. The system also would be used with some modification for monitoring and management of industrial systems. So the goal is to create a general framework for developing intelligent applications.

The challenges are to define and implement communication channels, message formats, to distribute the system functions between the components in a well specified way, to predefine the events and states inside the system and their delivery to the component which performs the monitoring.

Complex monitoring problems can be solved with the completed applications running on Android operation system. Various information can be collected with sensors and system calls and these can be transmitted to the monitoring component, which can evaluate them with linear temporal logic expressions. The events and states can be predefined in a strict or a loose format by using taxonomy. The code of the monitoring component can be generated in a desktop environment, and the applications implementing the system itself can be easily extended, customized or further developed.


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