Analysing browser independent text input methods with advanced formatting support

OData support
Dr. Juhász Sándor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Web applications have improved a lot in the last couple of years. They became very powerful and nowadays more and more services are available just by using a web browser. In fact they are now very close to the thick clients regarding basic functionality and usability. However, some features, for example text input with advanced formatting support, are still very hard to implement in a web based environment. Despite there are plenty of free and open source solutions, some of the basic functionalities are still missing, for instance moving the cursor and changing the selection from JavaScript.

In my thesis I am going to demonstrate the building of a web module that makes it available to input text with advanced formatting and also supports the above mentioned missing functionalities. The editor approaches the problem in a different way than the already existing solutions and not just provides similar functionality but also provides a very good performance and in some cases it goes far beyond other solutions.


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