Motion planning of a 4WD vehicle

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Dr. Drexler Dániel András
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

This thesis is about utilizing a commercial all-wheel-drive remote control car for path planning purposes.

The car was equipped with a serial port based communication device, which is capable of receiving computer generated signals through a microcontroller. The goal was to realize the link between the car and the computer.

I have developed the microcontroller's control algorithm in C language, making the system able to receive control instructions through serial port. Utilizing this solution, I will introduce the implementation of the path planning algorithm, for which I used the artificial potential field path planning method.

I will discuss the issues arising in the path planning, such as dead-end or the problem of the local minimum along with the solutions to these matters. The task was realized in MATLAB/Simulink environment. Furthermore, I will introduce the operation of the code, which I also attach to the thesis. Finally, I show a few examples of the functioning path planner, and I verify the results through a series of test cases.


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