Oscilloscope integration into automated test environment

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Cars of today are mostly equipped with park assist systems. These systems mostly have ultrasonic sensors to measure distance from obstacles. Robert Bosch GmbH. is a well-known producer of automotive ultrasonic sensors and systems based on them. This thesis project has been written in the ultrasonic system software test and application group of the company (CC-DA/EAU2-Bp).

To make tests easier, the group bought an oscilloscope, type PicoScope 3403D MSO, which communicates with the PC via USB. To the oscilloscope belongs an SDK (software development kit), which consists functions, which can handle the device driver. With this, any user program written on the PC can access the oscilloscope. So, any program, which is connected with CANoe™, the automated test program can use it.

In this thesis project I have made a C# application, which uses the COM (Component Object Model) interface to communicate between the applications, and handles the driver of the oscilloscope. I have made an assessment of needs in the software test group, to get to know, for what the testers want to use the oscilloscope, and based on this, what kind of functions must be implemented in the application.


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