Scholarship management system with responsive web technologies

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

If we inspect the early stages of information technology’s history – beside the military usage – we see mainly administrative and data processing systems and applications. As the computer networks started to improve, it has become possible to use these administrative services far from their original places independent from ’opening times’, the users have been given the opportunity to use the service whenever they want.

To serve these requirements at a higher level of quality, the IT industry focused on developing better administrative systems as desktop applications and as web applications too. Web applications started to be more popular at the early 2000s when a tendency started to grow: use almost all services in a web browser. Mainly all standard service has been transformed as a web service, bank account management, online shopping, booking flight tickets and accommodations. Why don’t we use these services’ advantages in an online scholarship management system?

The main aim of my paper is to show what kind of modern technologies can be used for designing and implementing a web application, showing the main aspects and steps about system design, front-end development and many more.

During the work about my paper I used a PHP web framework, called Laravel.

I hope more and more students will use the system I designed and implemented, and they can manage their scholarship applications on a higher level then I used to be.


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