Home security solution on Android platform with Kotlin

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, smart technologies evolve in extraordinary extent and every significant information and communication technology company produce more new devices every year. The users buy these products which contain newer and newer innovations, that satisfy their desires. But what should we do all of these former top devices, which we find hidden in our drawers? We can sell or give away them to one of our family members. However, we can utilize these tools.

As most smart devices are equipped with camera and unfortunately not all family can afford them to install a security system, thus it can be a useful solution if we use the camera of the device for burglary or motion detection. Comparing the camera preview pictures motion is detect and this case the user is notified, who will be able to look that picture which triggered the notification. So, in my thesis I introduce the design process and implementation of a mobile-, a web client and a server side which serve the clients.

At the beginning of the dissertation I introduce the Android platform briefly, describe the detailed expectations in relation to the completed software and mention in few words the important technologies which I used. Afterwards I describe the software’s high-level architecture, then I create a detailed description of the major implementation steps. Finally, the experiences of the static analysis can be read, respectively the conclusion of the completed solution.


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