Data acquisition and control system for home automation

OData support
Dr. Györke Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Various building and home automation solutions are getting more popular nowadays, which are serving the users comfort, security and making the energy consumption more efficient. The topic of my thesis is to design and implement a home automation system, which is capable of collecting and visualizing generic time series data and controlling actuators over TCP/IP network.

The system provides a web UI for its users, on which they can follow the collected data series of the sensor devices that are assigned to them from their personal computers or smartphones. They can also define rules for the actuator devices on the UI. In order to be flexible, the collected data is stored in a NoSQL database.

In my thesis I examine some home automation systems from the market, review the technologies, which are used to create the system, and then I describe the planning and implementation process. Finally, a demonstration system is created with working devices to show the data acquisition and control capabilities of the system.


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