Design and implementation of decision supportive system for telecare

OData support
Dr. Kovács Levente
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In recent years I joined a project for independent living system. The system uses sensors that can identify the daily activities of elderly people (ADL - activities of daily living) at their homes. It can be used to help handle emergencies and with health data to prevent chronic diseases.

Using data from the sensors complete with health parameters and a feedback questionnaire I designed a decision supportive system for telecare and I implemented a basic web interfaces. All available data stored in a well-structured database.

On the implemented web interface the health professionals or family members can follow, create, modify the patient's updated information (the patient’s personal and health information, prescription medications and activities, sensor’s and questionnaire’s data) depends of legitimacy. Decision support evaluation is appeared on this web interface.

The patient's blood pressure data are recorded and displayed in graphical representation. Also, the sensor’s data can interactively view in spectacular form.

I have created questionnaires using the international medical literature and guidelines on determined three groups of diseases, the questions provides direction for further intervention

Used the above-mentioned three channels of information’s data (sensors, medical parameters, feedback) I set up rules, so the application warns the appearance of an unusual phenomenon, an critical health parameter, in case deteriorating trend (for example, different ADL’s frequency, high blood pressure data). The proposals, warnings are also displayed spectacular with different colors.


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