Design and implementation of decision supportive algorithm for telecare systems

OData support
Dr. Kovács Levente
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays info-communication technologies have an essential role in providing satisfactory healthcare services. Telemedicine combines available technical tools to create applications supporting healthcare and monitoring. In case of chronic diseases, there are devices available to obtain the vital parameters and other information on the daily activities of each patient. This information is capable of helping the medical decision support. Today’s public-health challenges include chronic diseases, which are at the top of the morbidity and mortality statistics and have an escalating incidence according to the latest data. One such disease is diabetes, an illness that requires life-long treatment along with strict control and the constant monitoring of specific parameters.

The thesis focuses on a decision support solution - based on telemedicine - that provides information for physicians and patients managing diabetes by helping them to determine diet plans and monitors food consumption (mainly focusing on carbohydrate intake). The system supports the monitoring well-being of the patients, making a choice on the right therapy, the identification of deterioration of health and alerts before the patient’s situation gets worse.

To provide this solution plan, I was doing research on chronic diseases and the ways they should be treated. A basic system was available for patient monitoring. In my research work I created disease specific questionnaires and classification methods.

Using the basic solutions and determined ways to develop the system, I created the plan of a decision support application. First, simple algorithms were defined for a basic solution, along with assigned points marking the possibilities for development as a part of a further research.


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