Development of home ECG device and its measurement methods

OData support
Erdős Csanád Gergely
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In my thesis, I discuss the topic of the further development of a home-useable ECG device. My dissertation is logically divided into 3 separate parts: In the first part, I am looking for the answers of the questions of compatibility according to the measurement device. In the next two parts, I create runnable applications for android and iOS based systems, adequate to current trends.

The steps of the development is supplemented with research tasks, in which I managed to investigate the differences due to the changement of processor architectures. I also performed an examination between transmissions used by nowadays’ smartphones. I proposed a communication module according to this research and taking the manufacturers’ viewpoints into account. After these, I took an outlook of the new generation smartphone platforms.

During the the three specific tasks of my thesis I created a cross compiler application (to analyze the earlier Z80 instructions), to produce the analysis program of the previous ECG device in C language. After that, I brought this code to a condition in which I could run it on an STM32F4-Discovery development board.

In the subsequent task I installed the previously justified Bluetooth module, to an earlier version of this ECG device to design a user interface which implements the tasks covered by earlier subscribed commands (e.g. sending stored measurements, real time monitoring).

The primary functions of the programs I created in my thesis are giving answers to technological questions, which could emerge during the moderinzation of older devices.


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