Home Network Design

OData support
Dr. Tóth Csaba
Department of Measurement and Information Systems


Home network designing is not just a dream with today’s advanced technology, it is reality. Dozens of projects are started every year to make human life and home as comfortable as possible. The possibilities depend on whether we have to use external modules to implement something new to the already existing design or it only exists on paper which gives us more space for creativity.

In my thesis my goal was to create a device that is able to function as part of a bigger system in addition to the stand-alone functions and measurements which are provided by the built-in sensors. The network connection and protocol correspond to the LIN standard which serves as cable power supply and reliable form of communication.

I started my work with searching about the current trends of home network design which includes the newest developments and ideas in this area. I tried to summarize these parts in the introduction part of my thesis. I tried to create my own embedded system with these information in mind which is summarized in the system planning chapter. After that I go into details about the software and hardware design where I tried to outline all the important things that help everyone to make their own circuit. In the next chapters I write about finishing the hardware, the bases of the software program, and about the programs and simulations that I used to test my system.

In this documentation I tried to summarize all the knowledge I gained by outlining the small problems and mistakes that I made which would have made my job a lot easier if I knew about them. But everybody learns from their mistakes.


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