Design of a smart plant care system

OData support
Dr. Györke Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

With the development of the information technology, peoples life got more and more influenced by it. As these devices got more capable, and easier to use, the demand for them grow in paralell. Firstly the personal computer started getting into the everyday man's life, then they started using it in the vehicle industry, implementing a lot of comfort and safety features without which you couldn't even sell a car today. Around the millenium, the internet got widely available, more and more devices got capable of connecting to the internet. Along this process, a new concept came to life, the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT is the network of devices, which devices are collecting data through their sensors, and can exchange this data through the network. IoT makes it possible to map our real physical world into a computational system,and the collected data makes it possible to observe this system remotely, or in case of an autonomous system, it can determine the how to alter the state of the system in order to achieve the desired conditions. Using IoT can highly reduce the need of human interaction, reducing the possibility of faults, accidents and the cost as well.

One of IoT's interesting field is home automation. This means automating the tasks of a household, like regulating the heating, air-conditioning, lighting or controlling not so common tasks, like feeding a pet regularly, or, as in my case, taking care of a plant.

For my thesis project I chose the planning and implementing of an autonomous plant care system, which can take care of multiple plants at a time without human intervention, and saves the collected data about the plants conditions, which can be observed through a website by the user.


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