Development of autonomous navigation for home assistant robot

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Dr. Tóth Csaba
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

There are more ongoing researches in the "monitoring of elderly, ill people" topic at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics Department of Measurement and Information Systems. The researchers are working to create a system that is suitable for the status monitoring of elderly and / or ill people. This is an important task because there are some cases, in which a system can be a great help that can monitor the regularity of the observed people’s daily routine. For example there are elderly people who are living alone in their homes. Their relatives can visit them only occasionally, but they would need to be checked every day because of their condition.

Related to these researches, I started to develop and research the possibilities of a home assistant robot in the previous semesters. Basically, I would have liked to create a robot that can autonomously move small objects, food, drink, etc. from one point to another in a building to help the elderly, weak or disabled people. And secondarily, I wanted to build a universal robot that could provide the base of many researches in the future.

After two semesters the robot building completed in which a classmate of mine was helping me, and we gave the name BOB (Befriending Obedient roBot) to it.

In my thesis, I would like to develop a software that makes BOB a home assistant robot according to my original plans. So I will examine in detail the parameters of BOB’s sensors, and try to develop an algorithm that allows an adequately accurate localization. But all this before I will give a general description about the current state of robotics and the current state of BOB, to understand the problem solving process.


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