Design of the electric netowrk and building automation in a infant school

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

During the making of my thesis, I got acquaintaned with the process of designing an electric network and building automation. The engineer’s role is to be aware of the current standards and regulations in order to plan a well-functioning system, which serves the customer’s demands. The network must comply with all the safety regulations, and must be reliable.

The subject of my thesis is an infant school built in Inárcs. I had to design an electric network and a KNX/EIB system adapted to my own visions. Being an infant school, great attention had been paid to security measures.

After receiving the architectural plans, I used AutoCAD to alter it to be more suitable for the electric design, then I completed it with the necessary electrical wiring and tools. After that, I made the design of the joint-box.

Studying the KNX system, I got acquainted with its necessary structure and operating principles. As the first step of planning I defined the desired functions for a more energy saving and economical operation. I also selected the needed devices, planned their topological arrangement and addressing.


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