PC-based urine analyzer

OData support
Dr. Jobbágy Ákos Andor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In my Bachelor Thesis I would like to present the stages of developing a chemical, PC based urine analyzer. My task was to design a UART-USB converter connected to the optical module, which makes possible the communication between the PC and the optical module. In addition, I had to design the database containing data collected before and during measurements and then I programmed the user interface and the control panel of the urine analyzer.

In the first phase of my work I did literature research: I got acquainted with new conceptions in urine analysis, like POCT or non-contact treatment. As the next step I tried to find out if a PC based urine analyzer has existed in the world using the same principle. In addition, I had to complete the task writing about the necessity of this equipment and possible utilization areas.

The next step during the design process was to collect some knowledge about the optical module’s structure and operation. As soon as I got all the necessary information, I began to design the hardware. At first, I made the schematics of the USB-UART converter strongly focusing on selecting the right components for my application. As the next step, I routed the Printed Board Circuit.

During the last, third phase of my work I got acquainted with technologies previously unknown for me (like the C# language, Windows Presentation Foundation or PostgreSQL object-relational database management system). Meanwhile, gaining more and more information about these technologies, I began to program the user interface and the control program of the optical module.


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