Modern sales system development and intergration for MLM based company with PHP

OData support
Gincsai Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, we are living in an Internet based World. To get information about weather, traffic or daily news, we are using our smartphones, tablets and computers. It seems inconceivable to wait such one day to know, what is the exchange rate of the Euro or what was the result of an exam. A Managing Director point of view the information, statistics belongs to the company is important, but more important to get these as soon as possible. If the MD has the knowledge in time about the changes of the market or the sales, he can make the best decisions, what can be helpful for the next period in the business.

My main task was to create a web based ordering system with PHP programming language which aids a MLM based company, especially to follow the sales part and give a great support on many level of the business.

In my thesis at first, let me introduce the structure, the system of the company, I present the technologies I used. The subsequent chapter presents the planning and the development of the application, starting with the specification, main implementation chapters, through design, to the pages of the final application. Finally I close my work with describing my experiences and the introduction to further development opportunities of the application.


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