The usege scenarios and aplicability of PHP frameworks in web applications development

OData support
Schulcz Róbert
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Nowadays the internet and the webpages receive more attention in the field of software, most of the only-pc installable softwares can now be found online on the world-wide-web. Webdevelopment now has a priorized role in softwaredevelopment.

For rapid development it's not enough to learn the tipps-and-tricks, because they do not provide general solutions for the problems. However, the so-called frameworks are here to help us in designing and developing the softwares. Using a framework, an advanced developer can create a fully functional, yet customized webpage.

To understand the frameworks, first we should learn the basics of softwaredesign and methodology. Using PHP we should also learn the object-oriented approach of softwaredevelopment, because most of the frameworks are based on object-oriented solutions.

Worthy of try and familiarize with multiple frameworks, than choose the best one for ourselves and for the project. The learning curve for the frameworks is not short, but it's worth the invested time.


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