Automated testing of PHP-based web applications

OData support
Dr. Micskei Zoltán Imre
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Due to the growth of the internet, web based applications have more and more importance. The usage of web technologies is almost essential in life of companies, because most of them have websites and there are companies who deal only with online services. The continuous availability and failure-free operations of web applications is essential to ensure appropriate quality of service.

Testing is a wide-spread techniques to check the correct behavior of a soft-ware. For these evolving and expanding applications, it can be really important because we should check the operation and correctness of the new and the older functions.

Testing can be performed on several level, ranging from unit tests to system tests. Testing can performed by people manually or we can make them to run automatically. Considering time and resource budgets, usage of automatic tests can be more efficient.

In the preparation of testing planning has an important role. Plans define the details of the function that we would like to test and the steps and scope of testing. Those contain the test cases and the test data too.

During my work, I got to know the most used testing, test planning techniques and various levels of testing which are based on PHP programming language. From these I dealt with black box testing (specification based) techniques in details and more with unit tests and testing of the user interface.

I have applied the acquired theoretical knowledge on an existing, working ap-plication. For two complex functions of the tested software I have created the test plans and based on these I have implemented the unit and UI tests. I used PHPUnit framework and Selenium for the implementation. During the testing I detected two errors in the system.


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