Modelling of PIC Microcontroller in VHDL Language

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Dr. Hosszú Gábor
Department of Electron Devices

This study was aimed at improving a PIC microcontroller’s simulation model in VHDL language. The design criterion was to try to be complete correspondence with the reference circuit on the behavior level. During the testing and the subsequent application, the model would be compatible with the configuration files generated by the integrated development environment.

In the first chapter I describe -based on the literature- the general structure of microcontrollers and their application. Afterwards, I present the characteristics and structure of the unit which was pretended by me.

In the second part of the study I review the operation of the hardware units, and their VHDL language specification which were written by me.

The next section presents the results of the various simulations and tests. During the verification I could examine the register-transfer-level demeanor using the waveform signals. I was able to check the global operation running of the system more and more complex programs.

In the last part I summarize the results so far, and I shall discuss further opportunities for improvement.


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