Development of a PIL Simulation Environment for Chronic Dialysis Machines - Analysis of the Failure Modes of the System in the Simulated Environment

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Dr. Jobbágy Ákos Andor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

My thesis provides an insight into the development of a therapy machine of medicine, the dialysis machine. Chronic hemodialysis machine treats patients, whose kidney disease is in the final stage and their renal function is completely stopped. A therapy with this type of machine has an average length of 4-6 hours, and it consumes a lot of power, water and chemicals used in medicine.

The dialysis machine is controlled by a complex hardware and software. There was an idea to build a simulator for faster, more economical and safer software development and it would enable to test the new software components without turning on the machine. But simulator does not replace the real machine, testprotocols cannot be performed on that. It helps only the development of the software. My colleagues chose a model based design environment to develop the dialysis simulator, named MATLAB Simulink. During my thesis work I used that environment either.

I have investigated the possible errors of components of dialysis machine and I integrated moduls into the system which would imitate the malfunction of the operation. The simulator can be controlled through a graphical user interface, a window. By using it numerous operations are executable including simulation of component failures. This window is named Instructor screen. I have specified certain control signals which would control the simulator through the instructor. My scope of duties included designing of Instructor screen either. I have tested the particular failgenerator models integrated into the adequate component to show the right operation of the simulation.


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