Implementation of a PKI based single sign-on solution

OData support
Kardos Gergely
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the developing internet world, there are an increasing number widely used services that require user authentication. Because of this, users have a lot of usernames and passwords for these internet sites. It is a heavy task to keep all this information in mind. With the help of Single Sign-On systems the users can log-in to multiple internet sites with one single log-in procedure avoiding the annoyances of traditional identity systems.

A goal of this document is to develop a Single Sign-On system based on public key infrastructure, which is significantly safer, more convenient than the traditional identity systems.

In the fist part of the document, I describe some significant, existing Singe Sign On systems, then I choose the most optimal for the project. My choice was Shibboleth. In the second part of the document, I detail the installation and configuration steps of the Shibboleth system.


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