Development of PLC-based supervisory control and data acquisition framework

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

A significant amount of production processes used in the industry based on a PLC control because it provides an appropriate integrated development environment beside other causes moreover there is a possibility to expand the hardware environment modularly based on the user needs as well. In case of complex processes the process surveillance is necessary for the maintenance staff and the operators in order to make the troubleshooting fast. The data acquisition function also can occur in case of a complex system because there are a lot of features and production data of the system which should be stored long term for further processing.

During the task the aim was to create such a template system which is able to ensure the proper software implementation of data acquisition and necessary process surveillance functions. The description of the task is included in the first chapter.

The second chapter gives a detailed description about the production processes and their general features which were used as templates. The communication with the local client also was an important part of it.

The structure of the used test environment is described in the third chapter. The aspects which were taken into consideration are also shown.

The fourth chapter shows the possible generalisation options and their implementations. It also describes the functions which can be realized with the usage of the template system.

The fifth chapter contains the improvements of the remote client. The most important part of it the functions which help the system to handle more processes.


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