PLC based process control of water treatment technology

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, the water treatment technology has a special role in the modern industry. During industrial processes or, for example in case of a stoker, the chemical quality of the water helps increasing the effectiveness and not to mention, the life duration time too.

There are many processes, where the whole controlling task is PLC based. The PLC (programmable logic control) is used, if the operation control needs to synchronize the different units.

In this degree thesis, one of a water treatment technology is introduced with its PLC based controlling system. The programs of the equipment should be written in modules in order to use them more than once. The thesis explicates the modules of the valves, motors and the tanks than introduces their HMI displays.

There are two modules in the controlling program, which have important roles in the operation. It is needed to average and convert the incoming analog signals into engineer data to avoid wrong operational work.

After that, the SCADA sytem of the tank control is coming. The operator can use automatic mode with two regulation technics or simply intervene in the operation in manual mode.

At the end, the testing methods are being expounded because the TIA Portal has many opportunities to verify the right controlling function of the programs, than the conclusion explains the further opportunities of the created PLC based project.


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