Programming and data acquisition of a PLC based production line

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

At the most of the industrial companies there are automation related tasks. The solutions of them are mostly based on a PLC which is a modern device. Such system often includes computer process surveillance and data collection function as well.

In connection with the task the control of an assembly line and the related informatics system were developed.

The first chapter consists of the details of the task and shows the circumstances of the development and the connected objectives.

The second chapter describes the available assembly line which the task has to be performed with. The chapter includes the details concerning the structure, functions and sub-systems of the assembly line. A lot of automation projects can be established with this.

The third chapter shows the parts and the structure of the implemented PLC control system and also describes the control processes of the sub-systems. The PLC is the centre of the automation process so the connection among the parts is also established in this device.

The program of the industrial robot is the topic of the fourth chapter which also includes the manipulation processes and the other connected tasks.

The fifth chapter is connected with the process surveillance and the communication. It describes the implemented functions and the communication ways.

The sixth chapter shows the implementation of the data collection system, the data handling and the connected communication processes.


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