Development of PLC controlled multifunctional test pad

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Dr. Gordon Péter Róbert
Department of Electronics Technology

In the electronics industry is very important the failures of the production lines. Also important to analyzing and solving the problem as quickly as possible. To help this thing, in my thesis I developt for various electronic equipment testing methods. During analyze the Central and Eastern European ASYS Group Service database; I determined the main failures of the machines. This analysis showed that most of the electronics module failure caused by an error occurs.

In my thesis I presented the statistics considered in the preparation of devices, grouped by function. Then, the programming environment, for the programming necessary to realize the structure was presented. I chose the CoDeSys programming environment used to program various programmable controllers. This allows electronic devices made by different testing methods. To select the devices was the most important the most faulty modules are examined. For the selected devices I developed and I made the in the test environment and the test method. Then, with the selected programmable controller I created the programs to test automatic the devices. The implementation phase is the most difficult task was to test the stepper motor. After that I tested for each device a right and a wrong device. After the tests showed that the methods are always prepared well for us. The testing methods could help during the failure analysis of the ASYS group machines. Among the future plans to create more device methods which can be used to filter the complete failure of electronic devices. This development is a great help of the service engineers in the ASYS Group.


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