GSM based alarm system development for PLC using UML/SYSML descriptions

OData support
Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology


Nowadays a large variety of software development methodologies are known. Among these, greater and greater attention is being given to the various modeling languages, which mainly support creation of object oriented software. All programming languages are converging towards these, object oriented technologies.

In the field of process control systems, the low level, close-to-machine programming trends are still widespread. However, software developers are starting to adopt the object oriented approach in some areas of industrial process control too.

In my thesis, I have conducted research on the solutions offered by the industry. From the currently available software development tools, I have selected the ones suitable for me, and have shown how they could support programming of process control devices.

Furthermore, I presented an example for how I could use the object oriented approach in already existing PLC programs, how I could transform them to this new standard. With this synchronization of methodologies, a new possibility of code reuse appears which also shrinks the gap between the platforms of different manufacturers.

In my task, I have created a GSM-based alarm system using the methods I have studied, in order to prove that object oriented software development has a reason of existence in industrial control engineering as well.


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