Developing a PLC WEB server in CoDeSys environment

OData support
Katona László Dr.
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays we live in the world if IT. We can find high leveled IT in everywhere. It is the same in Industrial Automation field. From the first conveyed production (developed by Henry Ford) the automation level have been increased in factories. To achieve high profits we need faster and more accurate production, which is not possible only with human workers.

In the accelerated industrial world the time is money. One minute downtime costs thousands of dollars. So we need tools to decrease the maintenance time and also need tools to optimize our production. A good solution could be the logging, and automated fault detection.

The fault detection is important for the operators. They are close to the production, so they can use the HMI panels to collect information about the systems state.

But the logged information could be important for the management. They can make decisions based on the logged data. They are in their offices and do not want to use HMI panels. The best would be, if they could use their laptops to see the data.

The solution could be a webserver, which provides this data to the management via a web browser. The topic of my MSc thesis is to develop a PLC based Webserver in CoDeSys. This server program could be run on one of the PLCs in the control room, and provides information about the systems state via web.

I made a webserver which could display static and dynamic webpages too. The dynamic webpages’ contents depend on the variables’ state of the PLC, and whit special URL-s we can also modify the PLC variables. A built-in login page is responsible for authentication. Some pages are protected, just the logged in people can see it.


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