Design and implementation of PMS system

OData support
Schulcz Róbert
Department of Networked Systems and Services

I make a Process Management System in my thesis, which application can manage more project with a multilingual surface. My purpose is an application that can be used in industrial conditions, help the users in theirs daily work, and can handle large refurbishment of the product. I want to make the possibility of the reporting for the administrators and managers.

To this I would like to log all steps of the users for the easier error discovery, faster error fixing and simpler recovery of the valid data.

The usage of the software is bounded to user authentication with username and password, to protect the system from information theft, and help the users to find their own task on the devices.

Under the implementation I will pay attention to the most used programs (for example Microsoft Office tools) and devices (barcode scanners, label printers) can handle the outputs of the application, and the users can use that without installing it on the computers. With this aspect, I implement it on PHP language with SQL database, and it will be available on internal network only.

Because I make my application for a multinational telecommunication company, I will be able to test it in real industrial conditions after the implementation.


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