The design and development of POI based multimedia content exchange system on Java platform

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the world of Java, the default technology for web application development was Java EE for a long time. Since it’s appearance in 1999 it has grown with the Java platform, it’s fundamental functionalities were soon extended with new ones like SOA and security capabilities.

Parallel to this process, different frameworks appeared (Struts, JSF, Spring, etc.) which brought significant simplifications into the development process and made the product code more robust, easier to expand and maintain.

These frameworks take the responsibility of writing parts which are the same in every application (like database access, transaction management and security fuctions) away from the developer. These pieces of code are moved into the container thus the developer does not have to know their concrete implementation and can focus on the business logic.

My choice of framework is the Spring Framework which is open-source. This comes with the advantage of new features appearing much sooner than for example in Java EE that is developed by Oracle. Thus, today it contains practically every functionality needed to develop a business application.

It’s potential was soon recognised by individual and commercial users as well and a huge development community was formed (because of this, a solution for virtually any problem occuring during development can be found on different forums) and the number of job applications with Spring knowledge as a requirement grows by the day.

Based on reasons mentioned above a bright future is fortold for Spring Framework and I would also have liked to discover it’s opportunities. For this I developed a web application that can function as a SOA system toward browsers and mobile clients by providing textual and multimedia data. In my thesis I would like to introduce Spring Framework, it’s technologies I used and the process of implementing my thesis and it’s details.


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