POIs in indoor location based campus application for Android

OData support
Dr. Szabó Róbert
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Navigation is more and more widespread today. More and more companies provide applications, which are available by different tools, for example with the help of PDA, Internet, smartphone etc. Therefore people can get to unknown places more easily. However, the above mentioned types of navigation are unfortunately unable to be used inside the buildings. For this reason, we started working on the development of an application, which comprises functions that are similar to those of a navigation Software working inside the buildings. One can use this application in shopping centers and at universities as well.

My interim projekt had to be executed based on the open source indoor positioning application called Redpin. During the semester my task was the POI handling. With the help of the application I developed we are able to add, delete or change POIs on a map or to list in order of distance compared with my current position as well as organise them into different categories. The user can choose which categories he/she has interest in and only these selected POIs appear on the map. As it is impossible to add all useful places, I provided the users the opportunity of adding new POIs. However, as you canno fully trust the users, I supplied the places added by them with a so-called confidence factor, so they can decide for themselves how they trust in the existence of the place. Moreover, the application is able to classify the users with the help of an algorithm. As this system would be used by students of the campus, I added a timetable module to the relevant POIs.


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