Developing a social network web application supporting POIs

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays various web applications and social websites are greately widespread thus more and more user spend their freetime browsing these websites via desktop PC, notebook, or telephone. The purpose of my thesis is to design, implement and present a web application, which mainly concentrates on handling POIs beside the common social functions.

There are many possibilities to solve this problem, think for the different web programming langauges and frameworks, database handlers, various client side libraries, which are not only used by companies, but individual developers thus they are supported by a huge community and have a rich (official) documentation. These technologies have a lot of automated and implemented functions, thanks to this they can solve significant tasks with minimal configuration, so the developers can turn their resources to the implementation of the services with high quality, doing this in a user-friendly way.

In my thesis i will present the choosed frameworks and technologies and i will demonstrate the steps of the development from the theoretical design of the database to the implementation of the client side, regarding the main questions and problems i faced during the development. The main function of the web application is sharing POIs, and the core component is the Spring framework, which contains all the mentioned features.


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