Design of a paintball chronograph

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Dr. Dülk Ivor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The topic of my thesis is development of a paintball-airsoft radar primarily for paintball and airsoft guns.

First step is getting know the operational methods and peculiarities of paintball-airsoft radars that has been already on the market.

After that I was searching for the solutions of contactless velocity measurment which are suitable to measure velocity without make any physical contact between the device and the bullet.

I disclosed the operational method of the solution I chose including the potential measuring arrangements and these advantages and disadvantages. I inspected what factors can influence the measurement and the impact of these influences.

The next step was the development of the system. With a block diagram I showed the complete system architecture of the device that made up of 3 parts. I described the analog part’s roles, circuit, planning process, scaling, simulating and ranging.

After the completion of the system the signal processing and velocity algorithms got clarified. I described some potential algorithms step by step and deduced these possible measuring errors’ magnitude then decided which appears optimal for me.

For the next step the selected algorithm’s software modelling remained. In this step I described the planning of the software step by step and made mention about peripherals which help to get meaningful data from fast pulses to measure velocity by using a microcontroller. Figures and programming code parts are also help the interpretation.

Last step I evaluated the finished paintball-airsoft radar and compared it’s peculiarities against the initial plans. Finally I collected some plans of the future which can make the device better for reaching the goals.


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