Design of a Puck passer

OData support
Dr. Stumpf Péter Pál
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The Hungarian ice-hockey is developing thanks to the growing interest and support. Because of this more and more junior age players start to training and visiting matches. There are a lot of new ice-rinks, but the maintenance of these facilities are extremely high. Plenty ice rink only operates during the half of the year to avoid the financial losses. Therefore every minute on the ice has a very important role. The most exercises are situation trainings so they cannot develop specific skills. The off-ice trainings contains cardio and shooting practice.

My device is designed to help these trainings. The key features are the favourable price, small space requirement, and there is nothing else needed in addition to a shooting pad. These trainings could be performed by two players, but with this tool a single player can train his/her skills for example at home or in a park.

This device can move a puck in front of the player and then leave the shooting lane empty. After it can move the next one from the full of thirty pucks that can be loaded to a hopper. When the hopper is loaded again the training can start from the beginning.


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