Path planning for lane-changing maneuver of an autonomous vehicle

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Gincsainé Dr. Szádeczky-Kardoss Emese
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays, autonomous robots are a very popular research area. One of the most important tasks of these robots is to be able to get from one point to another.

My thesis is about the control of the autonomous car-like vehicles. Within this, I am dealing with algorithms, that are able to design continuous path for vehicles, that are manoeuvring between known width-lane change. Different obstacles can appear on the road, so these algorithms have to decide, whether there is a path without collision.

Firstly, I am going to review the basic features of the control of the car-like vehicles and the constraints appearing because of their design. Then I am going to show the concepts of three path planning methods, which are to find in the scientific literature. With the help of these concepts, I am about to implement the path planning applications in MATLAB. I am also going to compare the paths designed with different methods with each other and emphasize the advantages and the disadvantages.

In the end, I will examine, whether that is possible to come along the paths in the presence of distinct obstacles without any collisions. My aim is also to analyse the minimal path length that is necessary to carry out the lane-change.

At the end of my thesis I am going to summarize my experiences and write about the possible outlooks for improvement.


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