Development of Path Planning and Path Following Algorithms for a Differential Drive Robot

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Kiss Domokos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the research of mobile robots is increasingly widespread. They are getting popular

in industrial applications, but there are a lot of theoretical and practical issues to be

resolved for personal usage.

One of the most fundamental aspects of mobile robotics is motion planning and control in

environments populated with obstacles. In this thesis we discuss geometric path planning,

velocity profile generation and motion control along the path. The presented global path

planner is based on the well-known RRT (Rapidly Exploring Random Trees) method. We

also discuss an approximation method for path planning, which is based on a global and a

local planner algorithm. The motion control algorithm covered in this thesis controls the

robot translational and angular velocity in two independent control loops.

The algorithms described above are developed primarily for differential robots, but can

be extended for other robot types as well. We present simulation results for differential

drive robot, and test results with a real, differential robot. The investigated methods are

tested in V-REP robot simulation framework, and the real robot measurements are also

carried out in this program.


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