Configurable monitoring and alarm system design and development

OData support
Dr. Csubák Tibor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In industrial applications beside monitoring some kind of manufacturing parameters of some product it is more and more important to monitor the environmental conditions of that product during different periods of its lifecycle. This kind of increased interest especially true for pharmaceutical and food industry, where the products are directly used for human consumption (eg.: some kind of food, medicine or something more critical like infusion). In this kind of application is very important to provide suitable cleanness and hygiene continously. The beginning period of the lifecycle is the conditions that are during the laboratory development or the manufacturing. The late period means some kind of storage. In both situations the main purpose is that to continously observe the environmental conditions and inform the technical personnel when they are not suitable.

The purpose of the develpment discussed in my thesis is to design and implement a data aquisition and alarm system that is able to monitor a wide range of environmental condition on a continouos and reliabe way.

In the first part of my thesis i demonstrate the most commonly monitored environmental conditions, measurements and their related applications. Then i summarise the rules related to computerised systems allpied in pharmaceutical and food industry. After that I collect and methodize the functionalities and requirements that that the system has to realize based on the regulations of this field and also on the special user requiremnts. Finally I demonstrate that how the developed system cooperates with the different levels of industrial control through a real application and all how the functionalities are distributed between them.


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