Microcontroller humidity sensor interface

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Dr. Pilászy György
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

My thesis is about designing a humidity measuring device, sensor interfacing to a microcontroller, that complies with the needs of modern systems.

In the first chapter I will present the physical fundamentals of measuring humidity, and some humidity sensors operating principle is presented, in particular addressing the electronic humidity sensors.

In the second chapter, humidity and temperature sensors are used in practice, and an analog output hygrometer developed by the BME IIT faculty will be presented.

In the third chapter I will demonstrate the elaboration of the system design based on the specification. After that, I will present some suitable microcontrollers, the CAN standard, and the comparison of temperature and humidity measuring circuits.

In the fourth chapter I will demonstrate the designing of circuits each functional blocks, with short presentation.of their operation, and explain the considerations of the scaling.

In the fifth chapter the softwares required the device to work will be presented with the mentioning the important details.

In the sixth chapter I will demonstrate how I calibrated the device, and after that I will present the results of the measurement.


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