Humidity and temperature measurement using wireless sensor networks

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Dr. Kovácsházy Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays environmental measurements are becoming more and more important for our everyday life, like registering temperature or humidity level. At certain situations continuous and accurate monitoring is essential, for instance at food industry, in precision laboratory environments or in server rooms. Often expensive devices are used what are very sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. Due to the technological developments, the measuring devices are becoming more accessible to a bigger audiance and these equipments are used more frequently, thanks to their easy application.

At the sight of the title we could associate to a very simple problem, but if we want to create a device with low power consumption and lots of developement opportunities, we realize that this is a more complex task. It is worth using state of the art devices that are available on the market. The aim of my theory is to introduce the development process of a wireless humidity and temperature measuring instrument. I will start from the beginning with device selection and continue with the creation of the complete system. It would be possible to create the sensor node using the simplest components, but later on, during the development we would reach its limits sooner. The aim is to introduce and apply the design procedure of a 32-bit ARM microcontroller based, sub-gigahertz radiofrequency range device.

The development tools that the Silicon Laboratories has provided me include plenty of development opportunities, so the result of the thesis is a comprehensive introduction of the component behaviour rather than producing a final device.


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